Wild Steam Creations

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ACFX043 Large Smoke Plumes (2)
Smoke plume sculpted by Shawn Lux. Cast in resin. Model supplied unpainted. Privateer Press..
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ACTT003 Steampunk Metal Easter Island Heads (2)
Two high tech metal versions of our Easter Island heads with rivets and the odd exhaust pipe. 3.75" ..
ACWS002  Deluxe Steam Buddha
Pssssssss clank!! OOOOOOHHMMMM........ The drone of the Steam Buddha sets your mind into tranquil..
Four Small Steam Mushrooms
Add these for steam mushrooms to your collection. The bases and caps are separate so you can make up..
Steam Mushroom
Chugga Chugga Shoooommmm! In the Steam Fairy Forest the sound of the Steam Mushrooms can be heard. A..
Steam Snail
Steam snail for Victorian era Steampunk gaming. The kit is a multimedia kit cast in resin and pewter..
Steampunk Mushroom Observatory
The crazy old gnome in the tin foil hat, watches the stars from his Mushroom Observatory. Waiting fo..
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