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All Hail the Mesmofrog!
All Hail the Mesmofrog! Repleat with collar, tags and platform to rule from. Obey the 28mm resin cas..
Cyclopedia Space Captain 3000
She is strong and morally sure of herself but lacking in depth perception. Just don't reminder of th..
Dance Bot 3000
Unce, Unce, Unce. . . Dance Bot 3000 is keeping the beat. He is dancing, clapping his hands and c..
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Doc Lobster - Limited Time
Trust him, its Doc Lobster! (V) (;,,,;) (V). Cast in leadless pewter and 28mm scale. Suppled u..
Dr. Everett Goodneuz
Good news everbody! Introducing Dr. Everett Gudneuz to the Robot Townie ranks. Repleat with, thick &..
Egglebot Humperdink
Small ravenous bot that will eat virtually anything. Sculpted by Glenn Harris. ..
Folder Bot 3000
The Folder bot excels in folding all kinds of materials, but his programing makes him an amoral, dri..
Hooker Tranny Bot
A Hooker Tranny Bot that is from the wrong side of the tracks. Sculpted by Glenn Harris. ..
Insane Bot On Sale
This insane bot thinks he has hotels in his shoes and that avocados can fly... and if you don't agre..
K80 the Poledancing-FemmeBot
K80 the Stripper bot by day and assassin-bot by night. Sculpted by Bobby Jackson. ..
Moshe Robotski Robotic Subway Commuter
Moshe is a nebbish little robot working as a filing clerk at Apexx Waste Management's Sirius System ..
Nerobot 3000
Toga, Toga, Toga! Nerobot 3000 is also up for a party. An already built in lounge chair and a hand b..
Nurse Bot Ms. Crank Case
Nurse Crank Case is ready for your specimen... She is armed with a clip board and a specimen glass. ..
Oyliver Twistbot 3000
Oyliver Twistbot 3000 is a down trodden member of the robot world with his lame leg. He is plucky bu..
Retro Mega Bot
A giant robot with a retro Sci-Fi flair. It is a one piece casting in leadless pewter sculpted by Gl..
Satanbot On Sale
A devilshly designed 'bot is made in three pieces, body, head and tail. Here for only a limited time..
SC0400 Sentry Bot
The Sentry Bot patrols forlorn areas such as jails and high tech installations. Armed with the lates..
SC0401Squat Bot
Another Neofuturistic Bot. Squat form with two gun arms. Cast in leadless pewter in 28mm scale. S..
SC0402 S.Y.D. Bot
Another Neofuturistic Bot. Short, squat form with power fists and head mounted beam projector. Ca..
Slacker Delivery Boy 3000
Slacker Delivery Boy 3000 is ready to take it easy chugging down his favorite addictive soft drink. ..