Beaumont Miniatures

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BMW001  Dungley Poohsbury - Dwarven Gong Farmer
With his trusty +2 shovel and honeybucket, Master Dungley Poohsbury begins his nightly ritual of bre..
BMW003  Comical Ghost
Large comical ghost measuring nearly 40mm tall. Great for scaring your intrepid but nosy kid inve..
BMW006  Dr. Prudence Goodbody
Greetings, Freshmen. Welcome to Snogwarts School of Magic & Mysticism. Dr. Prudence Goodbody wil..
Egglebot Humperdink
Small ravenous bot that will eat virtually anything. Sculpted by Glenn Harris. ..
K80 the Poledancing-FemmeBot
K80 the Stripper bot by day and assassin-bot by night. Sculpted by Bobby Jackson. ..
Moshe Robotski Robotic Subway Commuter
Moshe is a nebbish little robot working as a filing clerk at Apexx Waste Management's Sirius System ..
Norville & Buster
Peeslag the Anti-Paladin
Peeslag the Anti-Paladin sculpted in 28mm Heroic Scale. Sculpted by Brad Sheir. ..
Skurge-Anti Hero
Skurge is an ill-tempered, Violent, criminal-mercenary-pirate-pimp from the land of Darkmoor. Raised..
Spinnerette, Dark Elf Poledancer
28mm Heroic Scale Spinnerette the Dark Elf Stripper as seen in Skirmisher Publishing's Nuisances. Sc..
The Haunted Inn
The Comical Ghost and a Frightened Tavern Guest. ..
Valentina Kyrhee Celestial Space Knight
Val's eyes narrowed as the security guards approached. The spirit in the hammer called to her. It re..