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ACCS029 Large Industrial Ventilation Fan
Decrepit, old industrial buildings always seem to have large, slow moving wall ventilation fans cast..
ACSH019 Oculus Airlock Door and Frame
Airlocks are used to maintain an atmosphere on Starships as well as keep nasty pathogens out of livi..
ACTM003 Tank
The propane tank is made from riveted metal plates with additional hose and gauge detail. The base i..
ACTM004 Transformers (2 pieces)
Modern to Sci-Fi transformers designed in 28mm to 35mm scale. Makes a great objective in a game. ..
ACTM005  Control Panels (3 pieces)
This pack consists of three very detailed control panels 2-3" long x 13/4" tall completely covered w..
ACTM006 Air Duct Vent
Your basic sci-fi large air duct vent. On the ground it ventilates an underground complex or mounted..
ACTM007 Radar Dish
The heavily detailed radar dish is over 5" tall and looks good on the table or on top of a building...
ACTM008 Oil Well
A 3" tall oil well to supply your oil storage tanks. The arm can be positioned in any position. The ..
ACTM013 Mini Nuclear Power Plant
The 28mm scale mini nuclear power plant fist with any modern to sci-fi battlefield. This model ..
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ACTM014 Steam Boiler
Steam tech boiler - a must for any steam punk game. 28mm soldier miniature not included but shown..
Evaporation Units (2 pieces)
More Sci-Fi mechanical goodness Sculptor: Herb Gundt  ..