Tech Canal

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ACTC002  Canal Straight
Expand your canal system with a one of two variations of 8" long canal straight sections. Model s..
ACTC003  Canal 90 degree and 45 degree Corners
Expand your canal system with one 90 degree corner and two 45 degree corners. Cast in resin. ..
ACTC004  Canal "T" Intersection
Expand your canal system with an 8" long "T" intersection Cast in resion. Model sculpted in 28..
ACTC005  Canal Pump Station End
Provides an on board end point for your canal. Cast in resin. Model sculpted in 28 mm scale an..
Tech Canal Box Set (7)
Five canal straights and 2 x 90º corners making up 54" of canal that will cross a 48" wide tab..
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Tech Canal Transition to 4" River
A new design by Shawn Lux to connect the tech canal system to the 4" wide river set. The tech canal ..