Starship Corridor Box Set

Starship Corridor Box Set
Brand: Hirst Arts
Product Code: ACSH001
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Out of the void the lone starship follows a long forgotten trajectory. The masters of the ship have long since disappeared and a xeno race now calls these halls home. Place your heroic adventures in Armorcast's new Starship Corridor System. This set contains:

4 x Rooms
2 x 90 Degree Corners
1 x 3 Way T Intersection / 4 Way Intersection
3 x 1" Corridors
2 x 2" Corridors
2 x 3" Corridors
1 x 4" Corridor
1 x 5" Corridor
3 x Bulkhead Doors

These components sold separately would cost over $110.00 and is on sale for $89.99.Masters by Ginfritter using Licensed Hirst Arts Castle Mold Components. Model supplied unpainted.

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