Flying Car Garage Door

Flying Car Garage Door
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I enter my taxi. A robotic voice greets me. "Please enter your license..." I comply, and start to push a series of buttons on the dash. "Welcome on board Mr. Willis. How are you doing this morning? Did you sleep well?" I hadn't. "No" I replied. I hit a button. The garage door starts to open. "Fuel level 6.03..Propulsion 2x4..." "I had the worst damn nightmare." I said, interrupting the hack's preflight dissertation. "You have nine points left on your license.." "Thanks for reminding me." As the garage door lifts, the Megalopolis that is New York City in the 23rd century comes into view. Startling in it's height, and breadth. "Have a nice day." I let the propulsion build. Right.. I let the gear slip. The anchors release and the taxi rockets off into the City. A garage door attachment for the upper stories of our modular stucco or brick buildings. Approximately 5"x4". Resin model sold unpainted.

Sculptor: Mike Olenik.

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