Undead & Skeletal Remains

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Roaming the dark and gloomy graveyard, Ghouls look for freshly buried bodies to dig up and devour. S..
Greater Swamp Zombie
There are times when the dark Necromantic Arts binds an incredibly dark soul to a corpse in undeath...
Greater Wraith
Haunting the graveyards the wraith looks for victims to possess into lesser minion wraiths. He wande..
Impaled Victim
Impaled victim with a pole that measures 50mm tall. Figures are sold unpainted and the display base ..
LL00133Bone Pile
Pile of bones cast in pewter. Model sculpted in 28 mm scale and supplied unpainted and unassemble..
LL00136  Bone Nest w/ Eggs (2pcs)
Beware of a creature that lines its nest with the bones of humans!. This nest is constructed with..
LL00137  2 Skeletal Victims Tied to Stakes (2 pcs)
Two victims tied to stakes left to rot. Use as a warning for fool hardy adventurers. Sculpted by Jos..
LL00138  Bring Out Yer Dead Corpse Cart (5 pcs)
Bring Out Yer Dead Corpse Cart is cast in lead free pewter and is in five pieces. The model ..
LL06008 Lich 28mm
Lich in tattard robes casting a spell. Sculpted in 28mm heroic scale by Clint Staples, cast in pewte..
LL21602 Lich w/ Sword
This fell soul has traded his humanity for everlasting life. He only lives to create death and despa..
The Nosferatu lurks in the dark halls of abandoned mansions and haunts the dead forests of the world..
Sexy Female Vampire
This femme fatale will beguile you with her eyes and unearthly charms. She will then drain your life..
Skulls on Spikes (10 figures)
Ten pieces total, a random assortment from 5 designs. Sculpted by Kevin Contos and figures sold unpa..
The Spectre is sculpted by Bob Murch in 28mm heroic scale, measures 40mm tall and the model is suppl..
Spectre in Graveyard
Spectral form haunts the graveyard in search of life energy to feed its malevolence. The Spectre hov..
Swamp Zombie Arising
Swamp Zombies are awakened into undeath by evil necromantic sorceries. They roam feted swamps filled..
Swamp Zombies (3 Figs)
Swamp Zombies are awakened into undeath by evil necromantic sorceries. They roam feted swamps filled..
Tripod of Skulls
30mm tall miniature and figure is sold unpainted. Sculpted by Kevin Contos and painted by Drew Willi..
Two Headed Undead Aberrant
Necromacers are willing to pervert nature and twist forms in undeath. The Two Headed Undead Aberrant..
Undead Skeletal Warrior 28mm
Undead Skeletal Warrior sculpted in 28mm scale by Kevin Contos. The miniature has tattered armor, a ..