Sci-Fi & Post Apocalypse

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ACM002  Biker Chick with Cyberbike
Chick Challenge's Jason Moses was kind enough to sell us the rights to his motorcycle sculpt and Bob..
ACM004  Bunny Bot 2000 w/ Egg Cannon
Bunny Bot 2000 - the most powerful high explosive rotten egg delivery system known to man!. Don't..
The G-man is kitted out with an automatic assault rifle, combat knife, body armor and grenades. Scul..
Giant Mutant Scorpion
The Giant mutant scorpion is as large as a VW and one of the most deadly mutants in the wastelands. ..
Hoodie Gobz Box Set
Are your goblins looking a bit weedy these days? Are they always routing on you at the worst possibl..
LL00012  Alien Man Eating Plant
This is a classic pulp fiction and Sci-Fi man eating plant. This model is cast in  lead free..
LLSC301  2 Headed Mutant Orc w/ Bionic Arms
Out of the wastelands Orcs grow to be a terrible foe. Deep in the ancient ruins lurk the most brutal..
LLSF001  Derika Drax- Dark Elf Bard with Guitar
Derika Drax is the lead singer of ROCKTAPUS. The hottest band to come out of the Underworld since..
LLSF002  Catgirl Mercy the Medic (3 pcs)
Catgirl Mercy the medic is designed by Artraccoon. Model sculpted in 28 mm scale and supplied unp..
LLSF003  Anime Punk Martial Arts Girl
Anime Punk Martial Arts Girl sculpted by Sandra Garrity in 28mm scale. She is armed with a two he..
Mootant Cow
In a Post Apocalyptic world were technology and culture as been devastated, beasts of burden are now..
Mutant Man Slug
A mad experiment that has tragically gone wrong. Scientist attempted to create a super soldier but m..
Mutant Zombie Bear
The Mutant Zombie Bear roams the wastelands in search of prey. This aggressive and surprisingly fast..
Orc w/ Motorized Wheelchair & Guns
Old Orcs don't die they just motor away in hopped up wheel chairs! This fellow has received some bad..
Pimp Orc w/ Cane & Pistol
Are your Orcs just not flashy enough? Bring on the Bling with a pimp Orc sporting a pimp cane, pisto..
Pimp Orc w/ Pistol & Pimp Chalice
Are your Orcs just not flashy enough? Bring on the Bling with a pimp Orc sporting a pistol, pimp cha..
Pimp Orc w/ Two Pistols Running
Are your Orcs just not flashy enough? Bring on the Bling with a pimp Orc sporting two pistols, wall ..
Punk Rock Orc B
Punk Rock Orc bard with an electric guitar. He can rock all night long. This is a multi-piece kit an..
Secret Agents (2 figs)
Two modern era secret agents armed with an automatic pistol and a machine pistol. The minis are also..
Three Giant Mutant Flies
A three pack of giant mutant flies. When there is one there are more! These disgusting creatures hun..