Fantasy Monsters

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Feathered Saurid Scout
Saurids are are sentient Dinosaurs with feral cunning and have a savage culture. The Feathered Sauri..
Fire Demon
A fire demon summoned from the fire pits of the Abyss can be a powerful Allie. . . if you have the p..
Fire Wizard & Water Conjurer (2pcs)
True 28mm scale Fire Wizard and Water Conjurer sculpted by Sandra Garrity. Models supplied unpainted..
Flamingoes (3)
Three flamingo lawn ornaments per pack, mounted on severed heads, 15mm in height. A landscape access..
Frog Demon
The Frog Demon is sculpted in 28mm heroic scale and is supplied unpainted. ..
Frogman Scout
Deep in the tropical swamps lurk the Frogmen These evil frogmen relish the taste of human flesh and ..
Frogmen (4)
Four frogmen armed with spears in various action poses. Sculpted by Clint Staples in 28mm heroic sca..
Giant Crabman
Giant amphibious Crabman is a multi-piece model sculpted by Joel Frock. The model is nearly 90mm tal..
Gnome Babies (3)
Set of 3 each of one design and approximately 8mm tall. Figures are sold unpainted. Sculpted by K..
Goblins Skirmishers (4)
Four mean and nasty goblins armed with polearms and short bows. Sculpted by Steve Lortz in 28mm hero..
Goblins Wolf Riders (4)
Four mean and nasty goblins armed with polearms and short bows riding snarling wolfs. Sculpted by St..
Greater Troglodyte
The survival of the fitest runs true and the mightiest Trog leads the lesser warriors. Sculpted by C..
Guardian Angel
This miniture stands from head to toe 35 millimeters tall. Figures are sold unpainted and assembly m..
Half Trolls (3)
Three large 42mm tall Half Trolls armed and armored. There is one with a bow, a two handed sword and..
Helbjorn Surturson Fire Giant in Heroic 28mm Scale
Helbjorn Surturson the Fire Giant King is designed by M.D. Beaumont and sculpted by Tom Mason in 28m..
Hippogriff (3pcs)
Hippogriff sculpted by Sandra Garrity. Supplied unassembled and unpainted. ..
Hippogriff Wing
Hippogriff wings - one set, sculpted by Sandra Garrity. Supplied unpainted. ..
Ice Troll
Stalking the frozen northen wastes an Ice Troll can smell its prey from miles away. This beast is sc..
Japanese Oni
Depictions of oni vary widely but usually portray them as hideous, gigantic creatures with sharp cla..
The Kirin is a mythical hooved Chinese chimerical creature known throughout various East Asian cultu..