Dragons & Dragonkin

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Female Biped Battle Dragon II
Biped Female Battle Dragon II sculpted by Clint Staples. Supplied unpainted and unassembled. ..
LL03031  Dragonkin Champion
The Dragonkin Champion is sculpted by Jim Johnson . Cast in lead free pewter. Model sculpted i..
LL03035  Dragonkin King
The Dragonkin King is sculpted by Jim Johnson in 28mm heroic scale and the model is supplied unpaint..
LL06010  Dragon Mount
Packs of reptilian lesser dragons lurk in the depths of primal rain forests. Only the most brave or ..
LL06014  Dragon Warrior
This Dragon Warrior is kitted out for action, armored wings with spikes, weilding a warhammer, and s..
LL08019 Armed Biped Dragon
Armed Biped Dragon with wings (2pcs). The dragon is 38mm from the feet to the center of the eyes...
LL08020  Biped Battle Dragon 1
Biped male Battle Dragon sculpted by Clint Staples. Model sculpted in 28 mm scale and supplied un..
Smirking Wyvern
28mm scale Smirking Wyvern sculpted by Kevin Contos and the sample is painted by Samson. The model i..
Tiger Dragon
28mm scale Dragon Tiger Sculpted by Clint Staples and painted by Samson. The model is supplied unpai..
Two Headed Dragon
A two Headed Dragon with a whip-like tail;. 28mm scale sculpted by Kevin Contos. ..
Winged Feathered Serpent
Winged Feathered Serpent sculpted by Sandra Garrity in two pieces. Miniature supplied unpainted and ..
Winged Firebreather
28mm scale Winged Firebreather is sculpted by Kevin Contos and the sample is painted by Samson. The ..
Wyvern Perched on a Dead Tree
A viscous Wyvern ready to attack the unwary adventurer perched on a dead tree. Sculpted in 28mm Hero..