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Flamingoes (3)
Three flamingo lawn ornaments per pack, mounted on severed heads, 15mm in height. A landscape access..
Gnome Babies (3)
Set of 3 each of one design and approximately 8mm tall. Figures are sold unpainted. Sculpted by K..
Guardian Angel
This miniture stands from head to toe 35 millimeters tall. Figures are sold unpainted and assembly m..
Impaled Victim
Impaled victim with a pole that measures 50mm tall. Figures are sold unpainted and the display base ..
Komodon - Foot Troopers
Contains five distinct 28mm foot trooper figures cast in leadless pewter. Supplied unpainted and una..
LL00204  Archangel Michael
This miniture stands from head to toe 35 millimeters tall. Cast in lead free pewter. Figures a..
LL03049  Baboons (3)
Three Baboons sculpted by Bob Murch in 28mm heroic scale and the model is supplied unpainted. A..
LL06010  Dragon Mount
Packs of reptilian lesser dragons lurk in the depths of primal rain forests. Only the most brave or ..
LL0900 The Kraken
The Kraken's sculptor Clint Staples, describes it as being about the size of a dinner plate. The res..
Mootant Cow
In a Post Apocalyptic world were technology and culture as been devastated, beasts of burden are now..
The Nosferatu lurks in the dark halls of abandoned mansions and haunts the dead forests of the world..
Pegasus Mare & Foal
28mm scale Pegasus and Foal. Figures are sold unpainted and have cast in place bases (60mm square as..
Skulls on Spikes (10 figures)
Ten pieces total, a random assortment from 5 designs. Sculpted by Kevin Contos and figures sold unpa..
Tripod of Skulls
30mm tall miniature and figure is sold unpainted. Sculpted by Kevin Contos and painted by Drew Willi..
Unicorn Mare & Foal
28mm scale Unicorn mare and foal. Figures are sold unpainted and unassembled. Sculpted by Sandra Gar..
Wall of Skulls
The wall is 35mm long and 15mm high. Figure sold unpainted and sculpted by Kevin Contos. ..
Zombie Dog
You can run but you cannot hide from the zombie dogs! Be it a zombie virus world or a mad necromance..