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ACF004 Straight (1 piece) and Corner (2 pieces) Trenches
The Straight and Corner Trenches package is the basic trench module. It contains one 4" straight tre..
ACF005 T-Intersection Trenches (2 pieces)
T-Intersection Trenches expansion packs are used to connect bunkers and weapons pits to the trench s..
ACF006 Straight Trenches (2 pieces)
ACF007   45° Trench Corners (2 pieces)
The 45° trench corners add flexibility to your trench layouts, making true zigzag trenches possible...
ACF008 Trench Ends (6 pieces)
Trench ends allow you to end the trenches at any point. Artist: Cal Garton  ..
ACF009 Sandbag Emplacement
The Sandbag Emplacement will provide cover for six miniatures. The exterior walls are made of sandba..
ACF011 Sandbag Bunker
The Sandbag Bunker is 6" wide by 3 3/4" long and has a removable top that will hold six miniatures. ..
ACF0110 Small Weapon Pits
The small weapons pits can be used as individual weapons pits (holds three figures) or as end pieces..
ACF012 WWII Concrete Bunker
The concrete bunker is designed in the style of the WWII Atlantic Wall bunkers in Normandy and measu..
ACF013 Foxholes (2 pieces)
Two-man foxholes with sandbag detail. Each foxhole will take two figures on 1" bases. Terrain suppli..
ACF018 Gothic Dragon's Teeth
These antitank and vehicle obstacles are based on German WWII designs that immobilize any tracked or..
ACF019  Anti-Tank Tetrahedrons (4 pieces)
Four semi-portable (if you have a large crane and a heavy truck handy) concrete antitank obstacles w..
ACW017   4" Long Straight Sandbag Walls (3 pcs)
Model sculpted in 28 mm scale and supplied unpainted and unassembled. Cast in resin. ..
ACW018   4" Long Curved Sandbag Walls (3pcs)
Three curved sandbag wall sections allow the construction of simple or complex sandbag fortification..
ACW022  Breastworks 1 (Rectangle)
Two sets of .75" tall earth and wood breastworks designed to work with 20-25mm figures. Set 1 is ..
ACW023  Breastworks 2 (W-shape)
Set 2 is a "W" shaped line that is 22" long. Parts consist of 2 x 6" straights, 2 x 120 deg corne..
Trench Outpost Box
This is a larger basic trench layout suitable as a starter or gift set. ..
Trench Starter Set
The Trench Starter Set has two corners, a straight section and two Weapons Pits to provide a large e..
Vehicle Emplacement
The vehicle emplacement provides hull down protection for tanks and other vehicles. Inside dimension..
Weapons Pit
The Weapons Pit is 6" long x 31/2" wide (outside dimensions) and holds seven figures on 1" bases com..