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SLB009 40mm Round Techno Steel Base w/ Erupting Crystals (3pcs)
40mm round techno-steel bases with erupting crystals. There are three designs supplied unpainted. De..
SLB010 40mm Square Brick Road Bases w/ Erupting Crystals (5 pcs)
Five 40mm square bases featuring brick pavers with erupting crystals. Supplied unpianted and sculpte..
SLB011 80mm Round Crumbling Concrete Base
One large round 80mm crumbling concrete base designed by Shawn Lux and sample painted by Ginfritter...
TMB001 28mm Urban Bases (6 Bases)
6 28mm Urban Bases. 1. Asphalt with inset water valve covers. 2. Ashpalt with a man hole cover. ..